I went to winter wonderland, and all I got was ...

… heavy snow fall, a week spent in the apartment, a Corona infection, but still nice family time.

I was really looking forward to this post. We went to the alps for a week (read here about the adventures train journey) with the intention to spend some quality time surrounded by snow.

I was so full of anticipation that I prepared a few paragraphs in advance that I wanted to use in the post. How we hiked through the snowy forest, how we went sledging, how we enjoyed the breathtaking views, and overall how beautiful everything was. But …

On the day we arrived, I got cold symptoms but didn’t think too much about it, because I did a Corona test before we left. The result was negative. The first few days passed by quickly, because there was heavy snow fall, causing the danger of avalanches to be „high“ (rank 4 out of 5) - and slopes to be closed for security. Looking out of the window you couldn’t see further than 10 meters. It was not what I expected but as I was having the cold symptoms it was a good excuse to stay in the apartment, drink a hot beverage and just relax.

Then one night, the baby got a fever. I tested again and this time, the result was positive. I brought the plague to my family ☹️ Luckily, the fever went down after one day and her mood increased - but this definitely was not how I imagined our first “skiing trip” to be. We thought about going back early, but since we came by train, this was not an option. My conscience wouldn’t allow to sit on a full train - knowing that you could spread viruses. We stayed …

… and were rewarded, at least a bit. On the last day, we were feeling much better, the sun came out and we could enjoy winter wonderland. Nevertheless, I hope that next time we will have more sun and less viruses around 🌞



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