Do I need tags?

This blog is based on Hugo and comes with built-in tags. It even provides a page with a list of all tags used on this blog. Mine is not very polished, because I barely used it.

One of the reasons is me having a hard time coming up - not to speak of sticking with - a taxonomy. If I am being honest, I just type some random tags in the front matter when I start writing a new post. Pure gut feeling.

Question is: should I invest time streamlining this?

Hm. I think the answer depends on the potential benefit of a well structured taxonomy. On this blog, it’s mainly used to populate the β€žif you liked this, you may want to read β€¦β€œ section below each post. I use it to find an older post - if I remember the tag - because scrolling through the tag page with less entries is faster. Apart from that? Good question.

Current plan is, since I am anyway working on a new theme for this blog (on the list since March), I will give the tags overview page a facelift and use the opportunity - assuming motivation lasts - to structure the tags, at least once.

In a few months, I will check if I was able to follow the structure or if chaos is back. And if the latter happens - does someone has a better idea how to solve this? πŸ€”


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