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I had my first blog in 2007, almost 20 years ago. Since then, I always „owned" a blog but didn’t necessarily update it regularly.

Over the years, URLs changed (I remember four), focus changed (travel, photo, personal), technology changed (Wordpress, Ghost, Jekyll, Hugo), …

This blog is online since 2019. In 2020, when I had lots of free weekends, I created my first theme. Before that, I was always using themes developed by others.

„My" theme came with all monospace fonts and a minimal design. However, I imported the Bootstrap CSS (because I knew it from another project), to have something to start with. Being honest, this was way too much for my small blog. Total overkill. But no dark mode.

I wanted a change (at least since March). So I googled, visited many of the blogs I read regularly to get some inspiration, and stumbled upon Kev‘s Simple.css.

I liked it. Simple design. Important stuff included, but not overloaded.

For example, the minified CSS for the Bootstrap framework is 144KB in total. By comparison, Simple.css is around 10KB. (Simple.css)

The last rainy weekend was the opportunity I needed to create a new Hugo theme, also going through old posts, correcting broken links or fixing typos.

I will push the new theme to production in the next days and hope that your feed readers won’t pull the whole history. But if so, I am sorry for the spam 😅


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