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Spring cleaning

Although quite late in the year, I did some spring cleaning on this blog today. Using the „default apps 2023“ as an opportunity, I finally took the time to implement some changes that were on the todo list for quite some time. Comments are finally gone. I used as self hosted version of „isso“ but found myself not updating the software in several years. Additionally, forcing users to leave personal data (name and email) on this site just to get in touch didn’t feel much GDPR‘ly.

My default apps at the end of 2023

I stumbled upon this by reading Kev’s great blog but it seems there are a bunch of people currently sharing their default apps. For me, always looking for a new app to improve my workflow, this is great. However, I had to notice that many people - like myself - stick with the default apps of their operating system. But, I will scroll through all other contributions to check if there is something to try out for me.

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