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Daylight Saving Time Confusion

It’s this time of the year again. Working in a global environment, at some point, you’ll be confronted with the daylight saving time confusion. One example: We have a daily meeting, invited by a colleague from the US and scheduled for 2pm my time - usually. During two weeks in March and October my calendar is messed up, because the US already saves daylight, while Europe doesn’t. The meeting is suddenly one hour earlier - conflicting with other appointments I have scheduled for this time.

Office vs. Home Office

In a few days my parental leave comes to an end and I will go back to work. This will confront me with the question how much time I want to spend in office or work remotely. Time for reflection. The situation Before Corona, we were allowed to work one day per week remotely. In reality, this flexibility did not exist. Working from home was considered as an additional day off.

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