๐Ÿงน Cleaning Up for 2024

Brandon inspired me to write about this. I am a big fan of fresh starts but tend to collect a lot of bookmarks, podcasts, reminders, etc. over the year.

With 2024 on the horizon, I feel like cleaning up - digitally.

Here is what I did or plan to do:

๐ŸŸข done

Bookmarks: During the “battle of the defaults”, I learned about Omnivore and use it as my read-it-later-slash-bookmark tool intensively at the moment. Today, I spend some time to go through the list to remove or archive the articles I have read or build a blog post around in the meantime.

Podcasts: On the short-term to-blog-about list is an article about podcasts. I listen to a lot of them and currently have a queue containing more than 460 episodes. To give me at least a chance of catching up, I reduced the number of podcasts significantly.

๐ŸŸก in progress

Notes: I have digital notes flying around in various apps. The “battle of the defaults” introduced me to Obsidian, which I currently see as best fit for me. This one is not complete, but I am working on moving all my notes to Obsidian and get rid of the other apps.

๐Ÿ”ด not yet started

Blogroll: Recently, I addded a lot of new blogs to my RSS feeds. Basically every personal blog I stumbled upon. Some of them already became favourites, others, not so much. This will require some muck out soon.

Photos: 2023 could become another all-time-high concerning photos taken. Many of them show the baby - and we will keep them, others are screenshots or “reminders” that I will probably never look at again. Going through all of the photos is a big task and I look for excuses to avoid it. Need to start somewhere, though.


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