Electricity Consumption

This fall, we moved into a new apartment. The building is labeled low-energy - „KfW55“ in German. Being a statistics nerd myself, I am curious how this effects our monthly energy consumption compared to the 70 year old building in which we lived before.

This is the first post on this topic. I plan to post updates on this, to see the progress over the year. If you want to read all the posts, please check them out [here](/tags/electricity-consumption).

First things first: I am aware that I cannot compare the raw consumption rates 1:1. In the old building, heating and warm water were powered by oil and gas. In the new one, things are mainly powered by electricity. I expect the consumption to be higher - but, let’s see.

In the old flat, we used to have an average electricity consumption of ~2.000kWh. The statistics we received from our provider, bucket this just above the average of a single-person household.

Average Electricity Consumption by household size

In the new flat, the electricity meter currently shows 360kWh. Following a linear progression, we would end up at ~1.500kWh per year - even less than in the old flat and equal to the average consumption of a single person. However, heating period has started and within the first month we lived part-time in the old apartment.

Fingers crossed that we can keep consumption on a low level. Feels good to be on the green side.

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