🎄 Holiday Travels Booked

Only a few more weeks until the Christmas Holidays. As our family lives in various parts of the country, it takes some effort to organize that we can all see each other. The holidays are travel times.

This week, I booked the train tickets for our travels. It will be the first time, we‘re doing this with a baby and I am not sure if we can carry all the luggage, but - I like train rides, especially in winter. No worries about icy roads, just looking out of the window and enjoying the winter wonderland, or reading a book. The little one also does not have to sit fastened all the time, but can crawl and play.

Unfortunately, the German Railway Company „Deutsche Bahn“ and the train drivers’ union couldn’t agree on a new tariff, meaning that strikes are on the horizon. As an optimist, I still hope that we don’t have to switch to the car on short notice. 🚂🚗

travel deutsche bahn christmas

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