Spring cleaning

Although quite late in the year, I did some spring cleaning on this blog today. Using the „default apps 2023“ as an opportunity, I finally took the time to implement some changes that were on the todo list for quite some time.

Comments are finally gone. I used as self hosted version of „isso“ but found myself not updating the software in several years. Additionally, forcing users to leave personal data (name and email) on this site just to get in touch didn’t feel much GDPR‘ly. Like on many cool blogs these days, there is now a „reply via email“ button below each post.

The default language switched to English. I was thinking about this for quite a while. Why should I write in a foreign language on default? For me, there are mainly two reasons. 1) Posts on this blog are often inspired by articles I read on the Internet. Many of them being in English. Giving credit to the authors and building upon them feels easier if the content does not have to be translated. And 2), although I am not looking to build a huge audience here, I still have the feeling that connecting with fellow bloggers is easier if there is no language barrier. The older posts on this blog that are still in German will get an English version soon.

Finally, some smaller changes: I refined the „privacy“ site and combined it with the license information in the new „good to know“ page. And I added an „about“ page. It does not have much content yet, but I am willing to fill it soon.


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I used to have a comments box on this blog, but found that maintaining another system and dealing with the cookies is cumbersome. So, if you have any thoughts on what I wrote in this article, please write me an email and we can have a conversation about it.

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