🎄 Holiday Travels - Part 2

Yesterday marked the first day of our Christmas Travels. And unfortunately, the strike - which I mentioned in the first post - hit us. Not directly, but it’s after-effects. 👷‍♂️🪧

This is how our travels went

Luckily, my wife was awake at night and saw that our train was cancelled. She immediately booked seats in an alternative connection. The new connection started half an hour earlier - thus our morning routine had to be accelerated.

Funny thing though, the Deutsche Bahn only send a push notification for the cancellation about 30min before departure.

We entered the alternative train and for the first two hours everything went fine. Then the train ended, because of „Ice and Snow“ two stops before we wanted to exit. ❄️☃️

Luckily we could change trains to a local train operated by the Swiss Railway Company. They didn’t care about Ice and Snow. Ar least, the train took the exact same route that was impassable due to the German Railway Company.

A fellow passenger put it like this: „You cannot rely on the German Railway Company. But luckily we‘re in a Swiss Train now. From now on, everything will work just fine.“ He was right. We had to change trains more often than planned but in the end we arrived as booked.

Overall, this was a mixed experience. We arrived on time, but started half an hour earlier. And communication by the German team could have been better (why not send the push notification when it’s clear that the train is cancelled but only 30min before departure?)

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