First Bike Ride 2023

It’s beginning of April and - according to the news - there are warm winds from Africa. More than 20 degrees Celsius is unusually warm for this season.

It is, however, perfect biking weather. And thus THE opportunity for my first ride this year.

On the day we moved to the new apartment, I recognized a sign recommending a sightseeing bike tour around the city. Something I wanted to do ever since. Hence, tour planning was completed quickly.

The tour is ~25km long, and goes through all parts of the city including the vineyards. It took me about 90min to complete it - with a not yet checked bike. Perfect after-work length, because I reckoned that I skipped leg day a little too often. The last kilometers were tough. πŸ˜©πŸ˜…

I hope I will find time to do this more regularly in the upcoming months. I also plan to buy a new gravel bike soon and am curious if that will significantly reduce the time I need for this round.

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