👋 Hello dear reader,

welcome to my corner of the Internet. I am Soeren and this is my personal blog where I write about topics that interest me. There is no particular focus, meaning you can read posts about hiking or cycling as well as politics, watches, or python. A colorful bouquet.

📍 Location: I am currently located in the Stuttgart area in THE LÄND in Germany. I lived in more than five cities in three countries on two continents.

⛰️ outdoors: I try to spend much time in the outdoors. Since my early childhood days, my parents took me out for hiking trips. Something enjoy until today. In 2022, I hiked across the alps. I try to cycle more, but … that remains a happy wish.

🧑‍💻 indoors: when inside, I enjoy writing this blog. It is a hobby and supposed to remain one, meaning I will write whenever I am in the mood and not comply to a schedule. I enjoy time away from keyboard, like reading books or playing board games, too. However, I do not read enough to have a /reading page.

🎧 listening: I have a subscription with Apple Music, because I think the UI is less bad than Spotify‘s. I am not very picky - I listen to what’s recommended, combined with some albums I remember from my youth. I do listen to a lot of podcasts, most of them in German.

🚑 volunteering: In the remaining free time, I volunteer for the German Red Cross in Stuttgart - the oldest department outside of Switzerland. We do ambulance service at events in the area as well as whatever is required by the civil protection officials.

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