đŸ’ģ My First Mac

The Mac celebrates its 40th birthday and with that comes another bandwaggon I’d like to jump opon. Everyone is writing about their first Mac.

I joined the party quite late. My first Mac was a 2019 MacBook Pro 13" that I got from work and used intensively during Corona lockdowns. It still had four Thunderbolt ports, the only thing I am missing on the M1 MacBook Air.

My First Mac

I was a Windows Users since I had my fist computer about 20 years ago, with some short excurses into the linux world, but always wanted to try out one of those “cool kids” notebooks. The company I worked for in 2020 offered a MacBook as a company notebook and I thought this is the perfect chance to try it out. You all know how this ends. I was impressed. Everything was so fast, the search did find what I was looking for, the keyboard shortcuts are so much more finger-friendly. The only down-side was that the company was using Microsoft 365 intensively and the Mac versions of Outlook and Excel - being honest - lack some functionality.

Nevertheless, even before I had to return it, because I changed jobs, I bought the M1 Air privately and didn’t miss Windows ever since. Using GeForce Now, it is also a great gaming device 🕹ī¸ I do not see me changing systems any time soon.


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